Long-Term Benefits

Our apartments are divided into three groups:

  • Daily Apartment Rentals. A minimum stay of three days.
  • Monthly Apartment Rentals. A minimum stay of one month.
  • Yearly Apartment Rentals (with no service). A minimum stay of one year.

For our Monthly Apartment Rentals we offer a discount program that enables us to reward those clients who choose to stay with us on a more long-term basis. We offer the following benefits:

  • For stays exceeding four months we offer a 5% discount.
  • For stays exceeding twelve months we offer a 10% discount.

The services we offer and the contents and equipment of the apartment are the same in all our Monthly Rental Apartments regardless of the length of stay. In the event that you are eligible for a discount and choose to leave the apartment before the minimum length of stay has been met, the discount will be anulled.

Choosing an apartment at Spain Select instead of a hotel or a traditional property rental has many advantages.

Spain Select Apartments vs. Traditional Rental

  • Flexibility. You are not committed to a year's rental period as is the case with traditional apartments. In the event that you would like to shorten your stay, we ask that you give us one month's advance notice.
  • Service. We employ a highly professional team, each of which is happy to address any questions or needs you might have during your stay.
  • Cost-saving. You benefit from not having to pay for many of the expenses usually associated with a traditional long-term rental.

These savings include the:

  • Cost of Furniture. All of our apartments are fully furnished and decorated to the highest standard by our team of interior designers, from the colour of the walls to the table lamps in the living area.
  • Cost of Linens and Kitchenware. Every Spain Select apartment comes with full sets of bed linens and bath towels. The fully equipped, modern kitchen is supplied with a full range of kitchenware, from the toaster to the cutlery.
  • Cost of Living. Electricity, gas, water, Internet and television are all included in the rental price. You save in excess of €200 per month, from the central heating to the high-speed Internet connection.
  • Cost of Household Repairs. Any incident or problem in the apartment will be attended to immediately by our team of professionals. You will not be charged for these repairs, as long as there was no misuse of the item.
  • Bank Guarantee. Renting one of our apartments does not require you to provide a guarantee or reference from the bank. The only requirements are a security deposit and a credit card.
  • Community Costs. In Spain it is very common to pay up to €100 a month in community costs in residential apartment buildings. These costs will not apply to you when staying in a Spain Select apartment.