Apartamento Turistico

Holding an Apartment

The search function on our home page lets you search for the perfect property in three ways:

a) A basic search allows you to look for an apartment based on your date of arrival, length of stay and number of desired bedrooms.
b) An advanced search allows you to look for an apartmentby location, price and desired amenities like a terrace, parking, a pool or a lift.
c) A search by map allows you to look for an apartment based on its location.

Once you have selected your apartment, we suggest that you place it on hold.

Placing an apartment on hold does not commit you to anything. A Hold gives you the opportunity to reserve an apartment for 48-hours while you decide whether or not to book it. The only requirement for placing a hold is for you to register as a Spain Select user. See advantages of user registration

You may confirm your reservation at any time during the hold period. If you choose not to make a reservation during this time, the hold will expire automatically and the apartment will become available for other clients to reserve.

Please note that you may place on hold only two apartments at any one time.


  • Our advanced search function makes it fast and easy to find the perfect apartment for your stay.
  • Once you have selected your property, we recommend you put it on hold in order to avoid any disappointment.