Apartamento Turistico

Lease Extension Policy

If you are staying in one of our corporate apartments (for rentals of one or more months), it is important that you inform us of your preferred option regarding your departure date. You may:

a) Confirm. Inform us of your definitive departure date, and we can then store it in our records.
b) Not confirm. A member of our team will contact you one month before your proposed departure date, and offer you the chance to either confirm this date, or extend your reservation. If you do not exercise the right to an extension within 72 hours of being contacted, your initially-proposed departure date will be considered your confirmed date of departure.
c) Leave it open. If you do not indicate any departure date whatsoever, we will continue to bill you the rental rate one month in advance until we receive notification of your departure plans.


  • Most of our clients find that the best option is to leave the departure date open, opting to provide one month's notice of their planned departure date.
  • In the case that you would like to extend your stay, and your apartment has already been leased to another client, we will send you a list of suitable alternative apartments.