At Spain Select we offer the perfect corporate solution for employees and businesses that need to work away from home on both a short and long-term basis. Our apartments not only offer a level of comfort, independence and style that cannot be matched by hotels, but they are also a more cost-effective solution for your company.

Our extensive range of over 200 apartments in the very best areas of Madrid means that we are able to offer properties to suit everyone. From apartment size and location to company budget restrictions, we work alongside you and your company to ensure that you find the perfect apartment for the duration of your stay.

Whether you are an employee who is being relocated to Spain on a long-term basis, or a large multinational that needs to move a team of 50 to Madrid for a period of weeks or months, we offer an apartment to suit every corporate need.

All our apartments are fully furnished and offer a wide variety of services to help make your time in Madrid as comfortable as possible. It is extremely important to us that each and every one of our clients is satisfied with both our apartments and our service, so we work together to tailor your Spain Select experience to you and your requirements.

Some of our most recent clients have included large multinational companies with offices in Madrid, relocation agencies, film production companies, business schools and international embassies.