The 2015 Spain Select Christmas Dinner

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In an industry that never stops, it can sometimes be hard to pause, take a step back and take stock of how far you’ve come, where you are, and where you’re going. But, at the same time, it is something that has always been important to us: the startup-like process and philosophy of creating a product we believe in, getting feedback, reviewing and then optimizing to produce even greater quality next time around.

And then there are those times during the year where we need the time-out just to let our collective hair down and enjoy the fruits of our labour, as well as each other’s company. The festive season is the perfect period in the calendar in which to engage in such jollities. This year – 2015 – has given us much cause for celebration, and that is exactly what we did last Friday, just down the road from what was, until a few weeks ago, the company’s former home.

From cleaning to communications, the many wonderful sub-teams that comprise Home Select – the new name and new mantle that we will we wearing proudly across the board, come 2016 – assembled themselves, their best outfits and their festive cheer for our annual company dinner at Boga Bar. After several glasses of ‘Christmas spirit’, a mouthwatering, three-course meal, and a questionable series of dancefloor movements, it is fair to say that a fantastic time was had by all (nearly 50) of us.

As ever, there was a camera on-hand to document the best of the night’s festivities, and you can see the resulting (and in some cases incriminating!) evidence in the highlight reel below. But from all of us here at Home Select to all of those who have connected with us and followed our developments this year (and also the previous 12), we would love to wish you and those closest to you a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to serving you again in what promises to be a fantastic 2016!

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