Seeing Red: A Magic Color That Makes a Home More Appealing?

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Claudio Coello VII Kitchen & Dining Room

An amusing morcel of news resulting from some Airbnb data has danced its way across the internet in the past week, tickling both the ribs and the curiosity of all of those with an interest in home decoration, hospitality and travel. The curious data alleges that an Airbnb listing is most likely to do better if its photos feature a red cushion.

Here at Spain Select, each of our short-mid stay apartments are individually put together by our team of interior designers, craftsmen and upholsterers. We like to play with around with different color palettes elected according to those we think will work best with the space. However, we have been known to slip a red cushion or two into the design mix once in a while.

And while we are more concerned with delivering a quality home than with riding incoming waves of trends, we thought it would be fun to have a rummage through our collection of over 350 Madrid homes and share a few of our favourite spaces that feature the ‘scarlet kiss’. Bonus points for spotting the magic red cushion in some cases…


Situated in the heart of barrio Salamanca – one of the city’s prize neighborhoods – this two–bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is typified by light and open spaces, clean lines and, of course, the odd splash of bright color.


Hovering majestically over a tranquil street just next to Madrid’s famous Retiro Park, this one-bedroom apartment boasts its own charming private terrace, which is drenched by the city’s famous sunshine for a good chunk of the year. Cosy for a couple, perfect for al fresco adventures.

Argensola I

Situated in the trend-friendly barrio of Justicia, this bright and spacious two-bed is a wonderful blend of classic and contemporary interiors, retaining key, characterising features such as the original decorative cornice moulding in the living room.

Claudio Coello VII

On a quiet corner where the streets of Claudio Coello and Ayala shake hands, this beautiful, open-plan living space sits invitingly and welcomes up to eight guests in three spacious bedrooms. A careful selection of custom-made Spain Select furnishings complete and accentuate its understated charm.

Torre Madrid XX

An enviably elevated two-bedroom, two-bathroom flat, and part of a cluster of stylish Spain Select suites in what is one of the city’s most recognisable buildings. With easy access to some of the city’s best entertainment – thanks to its privileged, centric location – you’re surrounded by eye candy throughout your stay here.

General Pardiñas I

Another barrio Salamanca Special, this premium, two-bedroom apartment blends traditional furnishings and intricate floor tiling with authentic artwork and a few Spain Select flourishes. Sophisticated, spacious, and full of character, it makes for truly a special home for up to four guests.

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