Welcome to 2016: A Year of Warm Welcomes & Fond Farewells…

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The start of every year presents a chance to shed unwanted and unnecessary layers from the past and put on fresher, more positive garments in preparation for the opportunities and possibilities promised by the 365 and a quarter days ahead. This year at Spain Select, the New Year not only represents a chance to take our service to the next level but also a complete transformation of the company we have known, loved and built over the past 14 years.

2016 will be a year etched permanently in the Spain Select history books, and who better to explain what this means for everyone connected with the brand than those that conceived it more than a decade ago? This open letter to all employees and associates from our President and Co-founder Daniel poignantly describes exactly what the new face of Spain Select will look like this year.

Hello everyone,

2016 is already upon us! It kicks off with a blank chapter and and multiple projects already in their final stages of polishing, ready for their time in the limelight. This will be the year in which we bid a fond farewell to Spain Select. After 14 years we’re saying *adios* to our brand that has given us so much joy.

This year, we will be giving an official welcome to Home Select. HS has been born as a result of the natural evolution of Spain Select and with goal of transforming what started as a project into a global concept. It has been the culmination of great teamwork, thousands of hours of crafting, discarding and rewriting and wondering all the while what could be a little bit better… but now it’s here; the moment of truth has arrived!

It will be a year of many changes, in which each one of us will need to adapt ourselves to a new, improved philosophy, stand up to the challenge of doing so in a new setting and continue to strive to get the best out of each other all the while.

I’m immensely proud of the team that we are; we’re ready to take on this year with an enormous amount of optimism and the determination that, when combined with our talent and endeavour, will surely bring success!

Happy 2016.


Keep up with all things HOMESELECT right here on the blog. We’re also quite active on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram! Happy New Year from all of us!

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