Familiar Faces in New Spaces

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Our imminent move to a brand new 600m² space in Calle Hermosilla is no longer ‘news’ for those who have been charting our progress over the past weeks, months, and even years. However, the day for packing up our boxes and bags and making the short trip over to the new Spain Select headquarters in Barrio Salamanca is now so close we can almost smell the fresh paint from our current base. And as the dust starts to settle and the smoke starts to clear, we’re already gearing up for the grand revelation of what will be our new home, and all of the truly exhilarating new changes that will come with it.

A week ago, I made the short 15-minute shuffle over to the new headquarters to poke my nose in and get a sneak peek of the progress. Daniel and I had previously agreed that somebody should be documenting all of the buzz and activity surrounding ‘The Big Move’, so I took a camera crew along with me. I was joined at Hermosilla 21 by our two legendary interior designers – Ana and Manuel – who enthusiastically gave us all a guided tour of the new space as they simultaneously dived into the details of how they (and a sizeable supporting cast, mind you) took this project from dream to drawing board arriving at the final design for what promises to be a truly wonderful and innovative office space.

For fear of spilling too many beans too soon, we’ll let the forthcoming, resultant video do the majority of the talking and explain to you not only what Hermosilla 21 will bring to the Spain Select table, but also what it represents in terms of our brand philosophy. For now though, you’ll have to make do with these snapshots from the shoot, in which, if you’re super sharp, you should get a decent preview of our new hideout.

Meanwhile, try not to venture far from this blog on your virtual travels. As we approach the business end of the transformation, we’ll be delivering updates just like this thicker and faster, and this is where you’ll hear them first – as well as here, here and, of course, here.

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